Download AirDC++

AirDC ++ is a free and lightweight client of Advanced Direct Connect and Direct Connect networks, through which you can share with other users resources like games, movies, music and software. It offers support for sharing different directories in different hubs.

AirDC ++ is extremely high performance with lots of advanced features. It has been tested to operate smoothly even with millions of shared files or hundreds of terabytes of data. AirDC offers all the necessary features and tools to download files from the Internet and local network.

You can set bandwidth controlling capabilities limits for download and upload speed, it offers ability to segment files, view statistics, check files shared by users, ban users, communicate with other members of the hub via chat and much more.

AirDC ++ allows you to download files from many different sources at the same time, encrypt download and upload data, activate the standby mode looking for the appearance of the file in network.

Moreover, AirDC ++ offers full support for IPv6, NMDC and ADC, allows you to make multiple connections to the selected user, search for alternative sources to download and offers real-time monitoring for share changes.