Age of Empires II

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Open world games are quite a featureful affair where players are involved in so many things that makes it a worthwhile experience. Such games often bring about different experiences and adventures that help the players get the best of the game. Moreover, each game built in such a genre has a different approach. While some might provide the experiences of the past, some go above and beyond into the future.

For those interested in such games but have a tithing for the open-world nature during ancient times, we have an exciting title for discussion. It's quite popular so you should know what we are talking about. Check it out.

What is the Age of Empires 2?

Age of empire 2 is an open-world game that comprises of several challenges and empire-building work. It's one of those games that lets you build your empire from scratch by choosing your civilization. As you grow, you have to fight other kingdoms for expansion, improve your military, grow more food, and much more. It's quite the game if you are looking for a complete kingdom expansion package and conquering affairs.

However, the game bought many attractive cheat codes and other mods that helped elevate the gameplay's overall gameplay. Multiplayer features were added later, but the game's true essence was something different, and the game was exclusively available on the Windows platform.

Key Features of Age of Empires 2

  • Multiplayer

Well, it's not your traditional multiplayer mode, but then you get to play with the computer. Though it might seem a bit redundant, it's quite the experience given that the only modes of difficulty you can choose are complicated and simple mode. Also, different maps are showcased, which changes by the difficulty you might have selected.

  • Graphics

The animations and graphics that the game offers are quite surreal and are breathtaking. When it was released, it's quite the masterpiece of a game comprising a high level of detail and texture. Even the battle sequences, you can see people fighting from its aerial view gameplay. If the villagers in your kingdom move behind the buildings, you can see them outlined, making it easier to spot where people are in your empire.

  • Audio

The audio is good but what makes it great is the bits and pieces of talking between villagers that might give you a wholesome gameplay interface. But mostly, there isn't any critical information involved, and you can mute it if you'd like.

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS – Windows 7 or higher

  • CPU – 1.2GHz

  • RAM – 1GB or higher

  • Storage – 5GB or higher

  • Graphics – DirectX 9

How to Download and Install it on PC

  • Download the installation files of the game

The installation files of the game are available on the platform of steam. Though the game might be old, few of the major gaming sites still host it due to its popularity.

  • Install it

After the downloading finishes, then open the files and set-up the installer. Follow the on-screen set of instructions and ensure that you follow every step correctly for a successful installation.

Upon successful installation, open the game from the desktop shortcut from the installed directory.