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Action Pro is a great software to transform real-world motion into professional 2D and 3D animations. Draw your moves and watch your animation come to life. No clunky graphs. No numbers.

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Recent changes:

New features and improvements added to the newest version of software are available in the Action Pro changelog, where you can find all highlights from this release.

Version 1.0

  • Create only the tracks you need to reduce the complexity of your projects.
  • The Master Track has been added to the sequence to allow you to apply modifiers to your final computed animation.
  • Invert modifier added which can be applied to Items or Tracks.
  • Multiply modifier added which can be applied to Items or Tracks.
  • Hard clamp modifier added which can be applied to Items or Tracks.
  • Smooth modifier added which can be applied to Items, Track or the Master Track.
  • A messaging system has been added at the bottom of the Window to give more clarity about what Action is doing behind the scenes.
  • You are now able to create recordings within the software for perfect shapes including Circle, Curve, and Archimedean Spiral.
  • The sequence now has a slice tool for dividing Items.
  • The sequence now has a stretch tool for elongating items.
  • A network server has been added to the software which listens for the complimentary iOS app.
  • Created Action Pencil - an iOS app which allows you to use your phone or tablet as an input device - coming to the App Store soon.
  • The software can now import CSV files and convert them to animation data which, in turn, can be exported to HitFilm.