3DP Chip

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When the correct drivers needed by hardware components are installed on the computer, an operating system works properly.

Damaged or obsolete drivers also lead to circumstances where most of the devices you need and use (such as the mouse or keyboard) do not respond. There are two alternatives at this point: manually updating the drivers, which is a time-consuming operation, or leaving the job to a professional software solution, such as 3DP Chip.

3DP Chip might seem like an outdated solution alongside AIDA or Driver Detective, but judge it only after you've played with it. Although it's far more comfortable than the solutions as mentioned earlier, it's just as effective and uses much less energy.

Features of 3DP Chip

The 3DP Chip allows you to list devices and download the new Windows device drivers free of charge with a few easy clicks. Problems with detecting your machines are worse than the Blue Screen of Death, seeking device drivers to set up your setup. You don't get system drivers for Everest and Aida32, and they are still strong.

The exceptional features of the 3DP Chip are mentioned below.

Automatic Detection

A helpful software that will automatically detect and view the information mounted on your PC on your CPU, motherboard, video card, and sound card, ETC is 3DPChip. With one click, you may also opt to copy this information into your clipboard for later use (such as posting in a forum). You can want to download the new drivers for all of these components if you have a working internet connection.

Multiple Device Support

You can use it to enumerate the devices such as CPU, Graphic Card, Sound Card, MOBO, and Ethernet Card. You can even download the latest device drivers through a website. You cannot download the driver without an internet connection. Therefore you can install the ethernet driver with 3DP Net. Only then can you download the driver with 3DP Chip.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface shows computer details such as CPU, motherboard, video card, multimedia, mouse, and Ethernet card. You can take a look at the CPU clock, memory capacity, and operating system just below all of these. If the program does not correctly detect your computers, you can also copy the system details into the clipboard of the 3DP Chip and send a bug report to the developers. Additionally, the tool allows you to display driver versions/dates in the main panel.

Choices for Backup & Restore

By selecting the desired drives from a list and restoring data with just a few clicks, a smart function included in the kit helps you to perform backup operations. You may also review additional information about each drive, such as definition, class, provider, date, and edition, and remove Microsoft products from the list.

Download and Install 3DP Chip for Windows PC

3DP Chip can be readily downloaded from the download button provided above free of cost. Once download, run the installer and install the software to launch it on your Windows PC.

The 3DP Chip works excellent. Working with it is incredibly simple and is light on your computing resources. All in all, even though driver downloads are performed through web browsers and not from within the program, it's a great alternative to paid apps.