360 Total Security Essential

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360 Total Security Essential is antivirus based on 360 Total Security app, which has been deprived of all elements associated with the system optimization. The program use four security engines: 360 Cloud Engine, 360 QVMII, Avira and BitDefender.

By default the Anti-Virus uses the solutions developed by the manufacturer, another engine can be activated from the main window. 360 Total Security Essential offers management module system updates and sandbox feature allows applications to run in an independent environment without the risk of operating system failure.

Screenshot of 360 Total Security Essential software running on Windows 10.

360 Total Security Essential also offers the ability to scan files on demand as well as the entire system. If you scan Windows has released three modes of operation. Fast, scanning the most vulnerable locations in the system. Full scan all locations in the system and manual where the user can specify locations to check.

In addition, WiFi network antivirus checks for security, allows you to quickly scan the system and selected locations. 360 Total Security Essential is also equipped with a mechanism whitelists and blacklists of applications and quarantine module that stores potentially dangerous files.