Download 1Password

1Password is a great app designed to generate and securely store access passwords to websites, banks, credit cards, notes, access codes for games and much more. The software is available for download in Mac and Windows version.

The program reminds safe that store important data and access to them is possible with the master password. 1Password integrates with popular web browsers allowing you to quickly login to accounts used sites or online services. All passwords are stored in the app for themselves in their respective categories. The user can synchronize passwords with Dropbox service or selected folder on the disk.

1Password outside the function data storage access to Web sites also equipped with a password generator. Use it to quickly generate secure passwords consisting even of 50 characters. Generated passwords can contain special guide signs, counts, and uppercase letters. You do not need to remember these passwords because the software automatically transfers them to the safe.

Moreover, by using 1Password you can store data backups, synchronize information with other versions of applications available on mobile devices or create additional safe deposit boxes within a single application.