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General information

  • Category: Other multimedia apps
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  • Last update: Oct 5, 2018
  • OS: Windows Mac
  • License: freeware

What is 25PP PC?

25PP PC (PP Helper) is a freeware software created to manage all Android and iOS devices (including iOS 12). Using this app you can easily install games, create backups, view all files on the device, automatically clean temp files created by software etc. There is also an option to install apps without using AppStore.


The user interface of the PP Helper app is in the Chinese language. This can be difficult for the most user but, the interface is quite easy to navigate. When you will play with the interface you will fast learn where the options are. 25PP PC can manage not only games, apps, photos, music but also all file system. We offer 25PP download links for Windows and Mac version.


Users can also use PP Helper to recover copies created using iTunes app, find and delete all temp files stored by installed apps and games. 25PP PC scans the device for unnecessary files generated by software and offers an option to delete only selected one. This option can not only speed up the apps but also the iOS system.

25PP PC offers also an option to install apps and games from unofficial shop PP25. You can use it to download and install apps that are available in AppStore for free. PP Helper allows you to install apps like on iTunes. There is also an option to check the progress of charging your device battery or create a screenshot from the interface.

25PP menu in English

25PP menu screenshot

25PP is available in Chinese language, but it’s not to difficult to understand when you know how to navigate through menu. 25PP offers 5 main features. We wrote some time ago a tutorial showing you how to use 25PP and download an application to your iPhone. It you are interested check it out!

1. Manage your iOS device through 25PP Helper.
2. Install apps from 25PP Helper.
3. Download games directly to your iPhone using 25PP.
4. Backup your iOS, download new versions including iOS 12.1.
5. 25PP Toolbox offers a lot of tools to manage your iPhone.

How to install PithyReader on iPhone?

Install 25PP on iPhone from Windows

To install PithyReader on iOS download 25PP PC available on our software hub. 25PP doesn’t require Jailbreak to work. PithyReader is a free platform to install paid apps for free on iOS thought 25PP.

PithyReader works with all versions of Apple system starting from iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, and ending on iOS 12. To install 25PP PithyReader on iPhone proceed with illustrated step-by-step guide.

1. Connect iPhone to your PC.
2. Click Install PP on 25PP Helper.
3. After PithyReader is installed on your system 25PP icon will reveal on the Home Screen.

What is the latest version of PithyReader?

The latest version of PithyReader is 2.14.15, which was released on October 18, 2018. The changed for the newest version of 25PP is not available for this moment.

Software review

kuba review
25PP PC Review

25PP is a software to download apps and games on iOS and Android for free. 25PP Helper is available for Windows and Mac users. I used it usually to download the newest version of iOS, and clean my iPhone from not used files. 25PP offers also access to thousands of apps that can be downloaded from the Desktop version or using 25PP installed on your iOS or Android device. 25PP Helper offers a lot of options to manage any mobile device. Install apps, download games, create backups, navigate through file system, copy contacts and more. PP Helper offers all of it all. The only thing that can make everyone confused is that 25PP mobile version is called PithyReader. Like Panda Helper, Tweakbox, Tongbu also 25PP offers the same possibilities. 25PP download is available for PC and iOS. Test it yourself!

25PP PC download

You can download 25PP PC for Windows Mac.

25PP PC Alternative

If you are looking for more alternatives to 25PP PC software please visit our list of the best 25PP PC Alternative. Read short software description and access free download links. 25PP PC can be replaced with other software solutions. Try them for free.

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