Visual Studio 2017 15.4 with .NET Core 2.0 support and enhanced Live Unit Testing

qbap - Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Visual Studio 2017 is one of the most advanced IDE allowing you to create apps for Android, iOS, Mac OS, web and cloud. Today, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017 15.4 with new features, improvements, and bug fixes reported by Community.

The new update for Visual Studio 2017 offers improvements to XAML. You can now remove or add XAML resources, and add ControlTemplates. The Universal Windows Platform Development workload comes now with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK. The new Setup and Installer launch banner informs you when the installation is completed. Thers is also added for .NET Standard 2.0 support to the Windows Fall Creators Update.

The Windows Application Packaging Project provides new project templates that help you package any of your Windows projects into an .appx container. For Web Development and .NET Core Workloads .NET Core 2.0 is included by default. Microsoft enhanced Live Unit Testing to include support for MSTest version 1 framework, and improved discoverability of this feature. You can deploy, test, and debug your apps directly on iOS and Android devices with Xamarin Live.

Visual Studio 2017 15.4 offers now support for CMake 3.9 and more flexible CMake project structures. You can target Linux from your CMake projects. Use your existing CMake code base as your solution without needing to convert it to a VS project. The Android SDK is installed now to a private location. R Tools offers support for Linux remoting and RMarkdown including live editing, brace matching, and code completion.

Top Issues Fixed in Visual Studio 2017 15.4 release include deleting a file from the Solution Explorer doesn't delete the actual file, Copy/Paste causes VS to hang with a popup "formatting text", VS2017 15.3 freezes in debug when Threads window is open, auto-complete adds parentheses at the wrong place, open same file twice in IDE results in a pop-up dialog with message "This document is opened by another project", Visual Studio 2017 update install failed due to corrupted file.

All changes can be found in official Visual Studio 2017 15.4 Release Note. You can download free Visual Studio Community 2017 15.4 or Visual Studio Professional 2017 15.4 from our software directory. Full decription, screnshots and download links are available below.