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General information

  • Category: Web browsers
  • Version: 8.0.3
  • Last update: Oct 22, 2018
  • License: GPL

What is Tor Browser?

Tor Browser 8 is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, and state security. The idea behind the project is to develop a browser that makes the user Internet activities anonymous.

Before connecting to a website Tor Browser is hiding the user location by connecting to other network users around the world. When using the browser you are as much as possible anonymous in Internet leaving a small amount of traces. Tor Browser can also connect to onion network, that makes you completely anonymous and untraceable for other users. Tor Browser contains a modified Firefox ESR, Torbutton, TorLauncher, NoScript, and HTTPS-Everywhere.

Screenshot of Tor Browser software running on Windows 10.

The Browser 8 offers all necessary functions to use and browse websites and apps available on the Internet. Tor Browser offers such functions as fast render engine for browsing Web, integrated download manager, favorites system manager, show history module, automatic synchronization tabs between the session on other browsers version etc. Tor Browser offers also support for Firefox extensions. You can downlaod The Browser for Windows 8.

The browser is primarily focused on stability and adding support for the latest web standards. Tor Browser currently supports technologies such as HTML4 (partly HTML5), XML, XHTML, MathML, SVG 1.1 (partially), CSS, ECMAScript (JavaScript), DOM, XSLT, XPath and APNG (Animated PNG) with support for transparency.

Tor Browser download

You can download Tor Browser 8.0.3 for Windows Mac, and Linux.