If Mother Nature would use software to create she would choose Terragen

qbap - Tuesday, 24 July 2018

How many times did you think - I need to see on my own eyes this landscape from movie? It's hard to believe that the most breathtaking views of nature are not real, but generated by specialized landscape software. Check what's new in Terragen 4.2.10 changelog.

One of the best tools designed to create photorealistic views of nature is Terragen. Did you never heard about it? You probably saw effects created using Terragen in movies like Man of Steel, The Great Gatsby, Elysium, Oblivion, The Hunger Games, Green Lantern, The Tron Legacy and The Day After Tomorrow. Using the software we can generate weather, mountains, forests, glaciers, rivers, lakes and oceans, suns, moons and stars.

Terragen 4.2.10 is faster, more interactive and easier to use. We’ve raised the bar of photorealism, while giving you new tools to create and explore your scenes more quickly and intuitively than ever before. Ray-Traced Preview provides almost instant feedback as you work on your objects, shaders, atmosphere and lighting, allowing you to fine-tune your scenes much more quickly and easily. Rendering engine enhancements allow Terragen 4 to render scenes which feature objects on average more than twice as fast as Terragen 3, and in some cases much more.

Terragen 4.2.10 includes much faster ray tracing of displaceable surfaces in some cases, especially where rays travel nearly parallel to the surface. Corrected a flaw in the rendering of clouds whenever the camera’s altitude is higher than the base altitude of a cloud layer (either within the cloud layer or looking down on them from above). The distant part of the cloud layer was being cut off where the planet’s curvature should make the layer visible from underneath. This flaw was sometimes noticeable when looking towards the horizon with the camera near the clouds, and also at higher altitudes if clouds should be seen curving around the planet near the horizon.

Micro Exporter allows you to choose which texture space to use for the exported UVs or UVWs. “Image UV (render projection)” or “UVW from Compute Terrain or Tex Coords)”. You should select “Image UV (render projection)” if you want to use the rendered image as a texture for the exported object. You can use this with any type of camera, including spherical cameras. Camera has new checkboxes “Show frustum in preview” and “Show path in preview” below the existing “Show camera body in preview”. When showing neither the camera body nor the frustum, no manipulation handle is shown or selectable in the preview. You can find the full change log on developer website.


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