Use Spytify to download audio from Spotify. Save music from Spotify.

qbap - Thursday, 28 June 2018

What is the easiest method to download audio from Spotify. You can use a free Windows software Spytify that allows you to save music from Spotify and record audio to MP3 format. Spytify saves audio from installed sound card with no quality loss.

Spytify is easy to use and provides the same quality that Spotify streaming quality (Spotify Free delivers 160kbps). Application uses the local Spotify API and records the sound that is coming out of it on your computer sound card. Be aware of the quality loss when comparing to a CD ripped file, if you expect flac quality you are not looking at the right tool, and Spotify at its best only delivers 320kbps, not an audiophile app, so stop trying to rip their songs. Use Spytify to download audio from Spotify.

Main features of Spytify include option to skip record ads and disable audio ads, mute any other applications while spying, save files with the same great audio quality than Spotify, max out the volume from Spotify and records all song at the same level, even if you scroll up/down your main volume, split into separate tracks and add names the file like defined in settings Artist - Title.mp3, record all songs under the same defined path, and automatically add infos to MP3 audio files if found on Internet. Save music from Spotify and download the app from link below.


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