Opera 48 can now convert time zones, measurements, and currencies

qbap - Thursday, 28 September 2017

New and improved features are available in Opera 48. In the top of the changelog, we can find new search pop-up enhanced with unit and time zone converters. With the new snapshot tool, Opera lets you capture favorite parts of the web.

In Opera 48 we have the option to remove unwanted autocomplete hints in the search and address bar, cleaned up menus, allowed importing bookmarks from Edge and Yandex and sharpened the interface for HiDPI screens. Opera’s search pop-up tool is a convenient feature that allows you to search or copy the text you highlight on a web page. With just one click, your highlighted text opens a new tab and is queried in your default search engine. 

The search pop-up tool offers now units of measurement and time zone converters. Today’s Opera 48 release adds 16 units of measurements and 14 time zones along with the 32 already available currencies ready to be converted. Just like the search pop-up tool, all you need to do is highlight the value and its converted number will be seen in the popup. This number can be copied to your clipboard for easy pasting later on.

The snapshot tool makes its way into Opera 48 after being incubated in our Opera Neonconcept browser, released earlier this year. The tool can be fired up from the menu, the sidebar by clicking on the camera icon or by hitting the keyboard shortcut. After initiating snapshot, an adjustable frame will pop onto your screen, allowing you to frame exactly what you want to capture. This frame can even scroll down the page if you wish to capture more than the currently visible area.

The autocomplete feature can be helpful when we regularly visit (or can’t quite remember the complete address of) a particular site, but there can be some entries or suggestions which we want to get rid of. For Windows and Linux platforms, Opera 48 allows you to delete URL history suggestions for web pages or search entries from being completed in the combined search and address bar. Whether that’s a mistyped search or a page you want to forget about, you can now get rid of it with just one click.

As more and more HiDPI displays become prevalent and affordable, it’s important for browser interfaces to stay sharp and presentable. Throughout the development of Opera 48, a number of fixes and improvements were made for the interface, buttons, and icons in Opera. Several animation cleanups were made to give this browser the sharpest look yet, perfect also for the arrival of the updated High Sierra OS for Macs.

Opera 48 runs on the tuned-up version of Chromium version 61. Amongst various changes, this version supports JavaScript modules, which helps to unify the way modular JavaScript can be written. Pages can now also request to clear cookies, caches and other data associated with it by sending a new HTTP header. In addition to functional changes, it delivers improved stability and security.


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