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Norton Power Eraser Download - scan and remove viruses.

General information

Norton Power Eraser review

Norton Power Eraser is a free tool to detect and remove components like scamware, rogueware, rootkits and rogue antivirus programs from Windows. You can download Norton Power Eraser for free.

Scamware malicious viruses usually display messages about weak security system and recommend downloading the appropriate security software, which is also the virus. Norton Power Eraser without problems copes with the detection and neutralization of such risks. The application allows both remove the infected data as well as fix entries in the system registry and the host file.

Norton Power Eraser also allows you to perform a system restore point before introducing any changes. This will enable the safe return to the previous Windows settings when unexpected problems. In addition, under advanced options, you can perform a scan of selected files and folders, delete unwanted applications and add-ons to web browsers and perform a full system scan.

Norton Power Eraser Download

You can download Norton Power Eraser for Windows .