YouTube Music++

YouTube Music++ is a free app allowing you to play your favorite music tracks. The free version of the music streaming platform offers some restrictions including no option to download files, listen in the background, and play ad-free music. YouTube Music ++ will release you from those restrictions.

YouTube Music++ is a tweaked version of Google music streaming platform for iOS with unlocked premium features for free. Music Premium includes the option to listen to only audio mode, skip a song, audio playback in the background, no ads, and support for unrestricted countries. This version is available for iOS only.

YouTube Music++ on iOS 12

Music++ offers all functions available in the original YouTube Music app. The only feature that is not available in the tweaked version is the option to download music for offline playback. Moreover, stream the audio to supported DLNA devices including Samsung TV's, or Apple TV.

This is a great Spotify++ alternative with the option to create playlists, like songs for quick access, discover new music, and play all favorited albums. Music++ offers it all and even more. Play live performances, check new music videos, find new artists from top charts, and YouTube hits lists.

YouTube Music can be installed from AppStore or Google Play (3-month for free). On iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, you can sideload the app or install via 3rd-party App Store. If you are running a jailbroken device there is a tweak that will activate premium features for free.

YouTube Music Logo

Download IPA

AltStore can activate max 3 apps on your iPhone using the free certificate. Every 7 days after installing YouTube Music++, you need to resign the app and send them to the AltServer (running on PC or Mac), which installs the resigned apps back to your device using iTunes WiFi sync (works also using a USB cable).

Step 1. Download AltStore and install the app on your PC or Mac.

Or use any other Cydia Impactor alternative for Windows or macOS.

Step 2. Open Safari and download YouTube Music ++ IPA (2.11)
(mirrors: YouTubeMusic++ (2.29), YouTube Music++ (3.57.3).

Step 3. Lunch AltStore and navigate to "My Apps" section.

Step 4. Tap on the + button available form the left-right corner.

Step 5. Select downloaded YouTube Music++ IPA file to install.

Step 6. AltStore will start installing YouTube Music++ for iOS.

Step 7. The YouTube Music++ app will be available from your home screen.

Install YouTube Music ++ Premium without a computer

Be sure to remove the original YouTube from your system before you will get YouTube ++ Premium installed on your iPhone.

If you don't own a PC you can also install YouTube Music++ app with web links. This method uses an enterprise certificate that can be revoked by Apple. It means that the app will stop opening. If the links are not working, try again in the next 24h.

Step 1. Tap Install YouTube Music++ Premium from your browser.
(mirrors: IgnitioinApp, PandaHelper)

Step 2. Tap Install on message prompt “ would like to install YouTube Music++”.

Step 3. YTMuisc ++ Premium Icon will appear on your Home Screen.

Step 4. Navigate to Settings → General → Device Management.

Step 5. Find the newly installed Enterprise App Certificate.

Step 6. Click on the certificate name.

Step 7. Trust apps from the developer to run on your iPhone.

Step 8. Allow access to your data and tap Trust.

Step 9. Run YouTube Music ++ app and login to your account.

Playing music on YouTube Music

If you have a problem installing YouTube Music++ from our link you can also try alternative options and find the app via popular Cracked App Stores. Usually when the download will not start try again later the next day.

YTMusiclife Repository

Enable premium features in the YouTube Music app installing a free ++ tweak for iOS 11 - iOS 13. It's required to add YouTube Music++ Repo to Cydia Sources. Activate YouTube Music++ installing the YTMusiclife hack from the official repo.

Step 1. Download YouTube Music from AppStore.

Step 2. Login to your YouTube Music free account.

Step 3. Add to Cydia Sources.

Step 4. Open Cydia app and switch to Search Tab.

Step 5. Type YTMusiclife and install the tweak on your iPhone.

Step 6. Run a hacked version of YouTube Music from your home screen.

YTMusiclife Tweak for iOS

Alternatively, install YouTube Music Reborn the free jailbreak tweak created by @SarahH12099 offering high-demand features. The add-on can activate natively some premium features without paying a recurring subscription fee. The tweak installs a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app.

YouTube Music Premium Plans

Activate Music Premium from mobile or desktop to listen ad-free, offline, and with your screen off YouTube videos. Activate the YouTube Music Premium feature for a 30-day trial subscription for free.

Music Premium 1 account / $9.99 a month

  • No ads
  • Get unlimited skips
  • Offline Mode
  • Play music in the background
  • Activate audio mode only (no video)