How to fix Tutuapp not working

TutuApp is one of the top third-party installers, and most users don’t experience any issues with it. However, reliable and stable though it is, there are some common errors that we keep seeing reported. Thankfully, none of these are severe and can all be fixed easily.

Common TutuApp Errors and Solutions

These are some of the most common TutuApp errors, on both iOS and Android devices:

iOS Devices:

Blank or White Screen This looks serious, but it is simple to clear:

1. Open Settings Safari
2. Tap Clear Website data Try again, and the screen should be normal

Cannot Verify App

This usually appears because the app source isn’t verified – do that with these steps:

1. Remove TutuApp from your device
2. Reinstall it
3. Open Settings General
4. Go to Profiles and tap the TutuApp certificate
5. Tap Verify or Trust
6. Close Settings

TutuApp should work OK now.

System Error

This is another easy one to fix and show up as an “invalid argument supplied” error:

1. Remove TutuApp and reinstall it
2. Power off your iPhone or iPad and then power it on again
3. Open TutuApp and go to the Settings
4. Check for updates and install any that are there

The error message will not appear now.

Greyed Icon/Cannot Download

This is the most common error and typically appears when you already have a version of TutuApp on your device, causing a conflict with the new one:

1. Remove TutuApp completely from your device
2. Reboot and reinstall TutuApp

You should find that TutuApp downloads properly.

Profile Installation Failed

Usually, this error is encountered when there is too much traffic going through the Apple servers. Try leaving it for a few hours and then try again. If it still doesn’t work or the error keeps on appearing, try these steps:

1. Enable the Airplane mode on your iPhone or iPad
2. Go to Settings Safari Clear History and Website Data
3. Tap on Clear History and Data
4. Close Settings and disable Airplane mode
5. Wait for a couple of minutes and then try installing TutuApp again – you should find it now works

Untrusted Developer Error

This is a common error with unofficial content:

1. Open Settings General
2. Go into Profiles
3. Tap the relevant app certificate and tap on Trust
4. Close Settings, the app will now open

Android Devices

It isn’t just iOS devices that have trouble with TutuApp:

TutuApp Stopped Working

This could happen for a number of reasons, and there are several fixes. Not all of these work for all users so work through until you find one that does work for you:

Method 1: Reset App Preferences

1. Open your Settings and go to Apps (App Manager on some devices)
2. Tap on All Apps Reset All Preferences
3. Tap on Reset Now You should find TutuApp works just fine.

If not, try the next method:

Method 2: Clear Package Installer Cache &Data

1. Open Settings Apps
2. Tap on System Apps Package Installer
3. Tap Clear Cache and then Clear Data – These options are under Storage on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Try TutuApp again, and it should work.

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

This should be done before you install any unofficial apps:

1. Open Settings Security
2. Enable Unknown Sources

TutuApp should work but, if not, delete it and start again, keeping the option enabled.

TutuApp Not Installed

Another common issue, there are four possible fixes for it:

Method 1: Clear Package Installer and Data

1. Launch Android Settings Apps
2. Go to System Apps Package Installer
3. Tap on Clear Data and then Clear Cache (these are in Storage on Marshmallow Android 6.0)

If that doesn’t work, try this:

Method 2: Enable Unknown Sources

1. Launch Settings and go into Security
2. Enable Unknown Sources
3. Try again – if TutuApp still isn’t working, delete it
4. Reinstall it, ensuring Unknown Sources is still enabled

Method 3: Rooted Devices only

1. Open the browser on your rooted android device and search for a root explorer app
2. Download and open it
3. Copy the APK 4. Go to System Apps
5. Make sure the app permissions are enabled and close Settings

TutuApp should be working now.

Method 4: Clear Some Space

As a last-ditch attempt, clear some space on your device. Uninstall unused apps, move photos, music, and other media onto an external device, delete files you don’t need, and so on. If you are attempting to install TutuApp on an SD card, it must be mounted correctly. It isn’t recommended, though; the package installer may not be able to read the APK files from the card, so use internal memory where you can.

Hopefully, these should solve any errors you come across on TutuApp; if not, the best way is simply to delete the app and start again.