Tutuapp for iOS – download VIP and free App Installer

Tutuapp is a very popular 3rd party AppStore offering access to cracked versions of iOS games and apps for free. The store can be installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch without a computer, no jailbreak is required as well. Discover how to download Tutuapp VIP and access thousands of apps.

Tutuapp(tutuapp-apk.org) after many certificates revokes is distributed only as a paid premium version. To use the AppStore is required to pay $12.99 per year to access apps download for free. Tutuapp VIP doesn't spy your activity or install suspicious apps. Install the app without a negative effect on your device.

Discover how to download Tutuapp for iOS.

What features offers Tutuapp?

  • Exclusive games and apps
  • Priority to play new games
  • No ads
  • VIP customer service
  • Access modified ++ apps
  • Download cracked applications
  • Install game hacks for free

Tutuapp for iOS requires 30 MB of free space and works with the newest version iOS 13, and also older including iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12. VIP version is available only for iOS users with access to millions of paid games, apps, hacks, tweaks for free. Before you decide to invest in the VIP version you can navigate to lite.tutuapp.vip website to check what kind of apps are available in Tutuapp AppStore.

Moreover, you can also install ++ apps with additional features, view apps by categories, ranking or new releases. Tutuapp VIP for iOS offers even more updates, faster priority for download, and no ads.

Download Tutuapp for iOS

How to download Tutuapp for iOS

Installing Tutuapp on your device is absolutely safe and you don’t need to jailbreak your device or provide passwords and logins to your Apple ID account. Starting with TutuApp 2.0 version, you can use VIP features on other devices as long as you log in with a Tutuapp VIP account.

Create an account so that it can be used to link with your VIP membership. If your apps will stop working it usually is because Apple did revoke the installed certificate. To make Tutuapp work again you will need to remove all installed apps and reinstall them using the same steps from below.

Download Tutuapp on iPhone without a computer

Using Tutuapp app on your iOS is absolutely safe. You can download the iOS native application for free and remove it like any other app from the home screen. Using the app is free but if you like to download apps and games it's required to activate VIP membership.

Step 1. Click Install Tutuapp Profile for iOS from a web browser.

Step 2. Tap Allow on message prompt “This website is trying to download a configuration profile”.

Step 3. Review the profile in Settings app to install it.

Step 4. Navigate to Settings → General → Device Management.

Step 5. Find the newly installed TutuApp installation tool Profile.

Step 6. Click on the profile name.

Step 7. Install the profile from the developer to run it on your iPhone.

Step 8. This profile will help you to find the UDID of your device.

Step 9. Run Tutuapp and login to your account.


When you completed all step your Tutuapp should be installed correctly on your iPhone. After Tutuapp will be downloaded you can’t run the app. An Untrusted Developers Message will appear and it’s required to complete all tasks from Step 3 in our guide above.

If you have a problem installing Tutuapp from our link you can also try alternative options and find a similar app via popular Cracked App Stores. If the download will not start then try again later.

Tutuapp Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tutuapp safe?

On the Internet, you can find a lot of contradictory information regarding Tutuapp safety subject. Tutuapp for iOS is absolutely safe to use and it doesn't install any malware on your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, Tutuapp doesn't spy your activity or install suspicious apps.

Is Tutuapp legal?

Installing Tutuapp on your iOS device is legal, but the app offers access to paid apps and games from AppStore. It is illegal to install premium apps using 3rd party software like Tutuapp if the software license disallows it.

How Tutuapp works?

Tutuapp is using the Apple Developer Enterprise Program to create and distribute proprietary enterprise iOS apps for internal use. Tutuapp is signing all premium apps and games allowing you to install them for free. The Tutuapp users experience is similar to AppStore.

How to use Tutuapp?

After you will install Tutuapp it is pretty easy to use it. You can search for top games and apps from the main screen. All apps and games in Tutuapp are available also via categories. When you find an app you like to install simply tap the Install button. Tutuapp will install the app on your Home Screen. Go to How to download apps from Tutuapp for more information.

How to trust Tutuapp?

To trust / verify Tutuapp navigate to Settings > General > Device Management. Select the available developer name by taping it. If you find Tutuapp icon tap "Trust" twice. This will make Tutuapp work on your iOS. For more information click Untrusted Enterprise Developer.

How to change the language in Tutuapp?

To change the language in Tutuapp navigate to the profile page (button on left from the search bar). Select Settings, and in the General section, you will find Language. Tap it to view available Tutuapp languages, and select the preferred language. Restart is required to change the language.

How to update apps in Tutuapp?

To update apps or games in Tutuapp you need to open Tutuapp app from the Home Screen. Next search for an app and install it once again. There is no auto update feature available in Tutuapp, and you need upgrade apps manually.

How to fix Tutuapp?

There are two possible reasons that Tutuapp is not working. One is because of the Untrusted Enterprise Developer error. Navigate to the link for full instruction on how to fix it. Second is because Apple did revoke Tutuapp certificate. You need to remove Tutuapp and install it once again. If there will be a problem with downloading Tutuapp you need to try in the next 12 hours.

Who made Tutuapp?

Tutuapp is developed by Shenzhen Tuxun Technology Co., Ltd. The company offers full support via e-mail [email protected] and Twitter @TutuApp_vip.

Why Tutuapp is not working?

There is a big chance that Tutuapp is not working because Apple did revoke Tutuapp certificate. All apps and games installed using Tutuapp will crash.

Why Tutuapp webpage is blank?

Tutuapp webpage is blank because of the cache issue in Safari mobile browser. To fix clear Safari browser Cache to continue. Full instruction with images is available in section Tutuapp Troubleshoots. You can also switch to a different browser like Google Chrome.

Why Tutuapp won’t install apps?

If your Tutuapp copy is working but you can’t install apps it’s because Apple did revoke the certificate. You need to be patient, all apps and games available via Tutuapp should work in the next 48 hours. Comeback in next few hours and everything should be fine.

When Tutuapp will work again?

When Apple will revoke Tutuapp certificate the app will not work, and you will probably see an Untrusted Enterprise Developer notification. It usually takes about 12h to develop a new working certificate to run Tutuapp. Next 24 hours will be required to sign all apps and games.

When Tutuapp will be fixed?

Tutuapp will be fixed in the next 48 hours. After certificate revokes the Tutuapp should work in less than 6 hours, and signing all apps and games will take next 48 hours. Most popular games and apps will be available much sooner for download.

What language is Tutuapp?

Android version of TutuApp supports English, Vietnamese, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.

TutuApp for iOS support English, Arabic, French, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. In the next version, there will be added support for German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

How to reset the password?

To recover password to Tutuapp account simply navigate to Log-in window. From available options tap VIP, and use the Forgot password link. You can enter the lost account mobile number, email or username. The first two option allows you to retrieve the password automatically.

If you decided to use only a user name you need to send an email (with your user name or UID) to [email protected] It usually takes 12h for replay to retrieve the password for Tutuapp VIP account.

Best Tutuapp Alternatives

You can also access a lot of useful apps, tweaks, jailbreak tools installing Tutuapp AppStore alternatives on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. There is no need to jailbreak your iOS device. Simply install the apps for free and gain access to all packages.

1. Panda Helper:

Panda Helper is a free platform where users can download games and applications for free on iOS. In the utility category, you can find also jailbreak tools, tweaks, hacks, etc. The app allows users to download paid App Store apps for free. This is a great non-jailbreak Tutuapp alternative.

2. Ignition:

Ignition App is the best place to find Tweaked Apps, Hacked Apps, Emulators, Jailbreaks for iOS. Access the library of hundreds off apps for iOS 11 and iOS 12. Install Ignition Store from the official source without a computer. No jailbreak required as well.

3. CyrusHub:

CyrusHub Mist is a new platform to install apps, tweaks, emulators, jailbreak tools on your iPhone, iPad, iPod devices without jailbreak. You can find here few packages available in Cydia Repositories and install them on jailbreak free iOS 12. No computer required.

4. TweakBox:

TweakBox app is a free Tutuapp replacement allowing you to download and install tweaked apps. Tweaked versions of apps allow you to use them without limitation and adds some additional features. Install TweakBox on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch for free and sign apps on iOS.

5. AppCake:

AppCake is an iOS App Installer that can install cracked iOS apps, install DEB files, download magnet and .torrent files. AppCake is compatible with iOS 9 - 10, iOS 11, and iOS 12. You can install the app on Non-Jailbreak device with premium service iPASTORE.

6. TopStore:

TopStore App is a free platform with no need for jailbreak on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Sign paid apps, games, and hacked apps and install them on your device. TopStore works with iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, and the newest version iOS 12.

7. FlekStore:

FlekStore is a Cydia alternative for Apple devices allowing to install ++ applications, tweaks, and cracked apps without Jailbreak. The app is compatible with iOS 9.3.5 up to iOS 12. Moreover, you can add manually new FlekStore Repositories to the app to access even more applications for download.

8. CokernutX:

CokernutX is a free platform allowing users to download and install popular paid apps and games available in AppStore for free. The software works without Jailbreak, and you are just a few steps to install the Tutuapp AppStore on your iOS device.

9. AppValley:

AppValley is a platform to download and install applications on iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, and the newest version iOS 12. It doesn't require a PC to install AppValley on your iPhone. Go through the step-by-step guide to install the app on your device.