How to use 25PP? Install and download SWPlaylist

kuba - Tuesday, 16 January 2018
How to use 25PP? Install and download SWPlaylist

25PP is a great tool to manage iOS system and install apps and games bypassing the official AppStore. The software is available in the Chinese language, but we will show you how to use it. In our example, we will download SWPlaylist for iOS and install it on our iPhone device.

Using 25PP PC (also known as PP Helper) you can manage iOS devices (including iOS 11) from Windows. Using this app you can easily install games, create backups, automatically clean temp files created by software, view all files on the device, etc.

There is also an option to install apps without using AppStore. The user interface of the PP Helper app is in the Chinese language but the interface is quite easy to navigate.

When you will play with the interface you will fast learn where the options are. 25PP PC can manage not only games, apps, photos, music but also all file system. No Jailbreak is required.

Search for SWPlaylist in 25PP

When you will start 25PP you will see the interface in a language that is hard to understand.

To search for SWPlaylist app using PP Helper we need to click on the navigation menu the 1 button that you can see in the screenshot below.

Next in search bar (field 2) type SWPlaylist and wait. Of course this way you can search for any app and game available in 25PP platform, and it is not limited to SWPlaylist only.

Download SWPlaylist iOS

In the second step, you need to download SWPlaylist app. To do it simply click button 3 visible on the screenshot below. 25PP will automatically start the download of the app.

After download PP Helper will automatically install SWPlaylist on your device. Be sure to connect your iPhone to your PC using USB wire when 25PP software is running.

If you will have any problems with installation you need to repeat the steps a few times.

Use SWPlaylist on iPhone

After SWPlaylist app is installed on your iOS device you will see on your home screen the icon. Just tap it to run SWPlaylist, and enjoy using it on your iPhone.