Combustion IPA signing tool

kuba - Friday, 26 April 2019
Combustion IPA signing tool

Combustion is a desktop iOS IPA signing tool allowing you to side-load all apps available via Ignition App. The software works with Windows and Mac, and it allows you to add multiple accounts and automatically switches between them depending on how many apps are signed.

Combustion is a great Cydia Impactor replacement to install iOS IPA files on your iPhone, iPad, iPod device. It offers a lot of useful features including support for multiple Apple accounts, option to resign the apps that are about to expire, and access to Ignition App library.

The software is still in development. We will provide download links when available.

Moreover, you can also choose from multiple defaults IPA Libraries, Drag and Drop multiple IPAs and install multiple apps at once, use IPA Links instead of downloading the IPAs manually, and much more. When you sign the apps manually there is no risk of revokes.

Combustion IPA sign app for iOS

To sign IPA files Combustion is using the Apple certificate. If you are a registered user with Apple’s Developer Program ($399), it will use the developer certificate which will remain valid for one year. In case you are a non-developer ID, you can use the 7 days validity certificate.

The free Apple non-developer certificate allows you to install only 3 apps per device, and a maximum of 10 different apps per 7 days. After one week you will need to re-sign the apps to use them again. There is no jailbreak required, only a PC or Mac.

Download Combustion: Windows, or Mac OS (download links are not available yet).

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