Blender Shortcuts Guide

kuba - Tuesday, 6 March 2018
Blender Shortcuts Guide

Blender is the number one open-source 3D modeling tool for Desktop platform. To speed up your workflow it's good to know Blender Keyboard Shortcut allowing you to quickly access all common tools. Our Blender Shortcuts Guide includes basic navigation and more.

Blender is a free application designed for 3D modeling, video post-production, creating visualization and animation in 3D / 2D. The application offers professional tools, like those available in paid solutions available on the market.

Blender main features include options to generate photorealistic visualizations using embedded engine Cycles, create 3D models with built-in tools, use keyboard shortcuts, support for N-Gon and Python scripts or tool to create realistic materials. Blender also offers a range of features to create animations and virtual sculpting using a variety of tools including brushes (available 20 types).

Blender Keyboard Shortcuts

Blender Shortcuts - basic navigation

Orbit                       Middle Click
Pan                         Shift + Middle Click
Zoom                        Scroll
Go to Selected Object       Numpad .
Perspective/Orthographic    Numpad 5
Show All Objects            Home
Fly Mode                    Shift + F
Toolbar                     T
Object Properties           N
Reset 3D cursor             Shift + C
Top View                    Numpad 7
Front View                  Numpad 1
Side View                   Numpad 3
Camera View                 Numpad 0

Common Blender Shortcut

Add Object                  Shift + A
Move                        G
Scale                       S
Rotate                      R
Search                      Space
Trackball                   Rotate R, R
Move Origin Point           Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C
Properties Bar              P
Option Menu                 W

Blender Shortcut - object mode

Proportional Editing            On/Off O
Duplicate                       Shift + D
Duplicate Linked                Alt + D
Move to layer                   M
Join/Merge Objects              Ctrl + J
Mirror Object                   Ctrl + M
Move Selected Object to Center  Alt + G
Snap to Cursor                  Shift + S
Hide Selected Objec             H
Unhide All                      Alt + H
Apply Scale/Rotation/Location   Ctrl + A
Copy Attributes to New Object   Ctrl + L
Add Constraint                  Ctrl + Shift + C
Parent                          Ctrl + P
Clear Parent                    Alt + P

Blender Selection Shortcuts

Select                      Right Click
Select All/Deselect         All A
Box Select                  B
Circle Select               C
Lasso Tool                  Ctrl + Click
Select Similar              Shift + G
Invert Selection            Ctrl + I

Shortcuts for Blender View Change

Wireframe/Solid View        Z
Rendered View               Shift + Z
Isolated View               /
Weight Paint Mode           Ctrl + TAB

Blender Rendering Shortcuts

Render                      F12
Save Render                 F3
Show Last Render            F11
Change Render Slot          1-8
Change Active Camera        Ctrl + 0
Only Render Portion         Shift + B
Reset Render Portion        Ctrl + Alt + B

Shortcuts for Blender Edit Mode

Edit/Object Mode            TAB
Extrude                     E
Inset                       I
Fill                        F
Select Edge Loop            Alt + Click
Select Ring                 Ctrl+Alt+Click
Create Loopcut              Ctrl + R
Edge Slide                  G,G
Recalculate Normals         Ctrl + Shift + N
Select All Connected        Ctrl + L
Change Selection Mode       Ctrl + TAB
Bevel                       Ctrl + B
Knife Tool                  K
Separate as New Object      P
Rip                         V
Rip Fill                    Alt + V
Split                       Y
Mirror                      Ctrl + M
Make Seam/Sharp             Ctrl + E
Edge Crease                 Shift + E
Unwrap UVs                  U
Shrink/Fatten               Alt + S

If you are looking for more Blender Keyboard Shortcuts, you can navigate to Blender 3D HotKey article on Wikibooks.