Natron release note. Full Natron changelog for version 2.3.14

qbap - Thursday, 16 August 2018

The new version of Natron 2.3.14 was released today. In the new release notes, we can find information about fix reading layers of SVG files, and Label parameters now use both columns in the parameters panel.

Natron is a free software to create and edit video using composition nodes. The editor offers more than 100 tools to generate special effects, edit colors and more. The application is fully compatible with libraries OpenFX and gives us access to a broad base of professional effects. Among the nodes offered by Natron we find the functions responsible for removing greenscreen, edit masks, tracking of moving objects blur effects creation, modification saturation, advanced color grading, and much more. Below you can find Natron changelog including latest few updates.

Natron Changelog

Natron 2.3.14:

  • Error messages are not cleared anymore at each rendered frame. They can be cleared explicitely using the "Refresh" button in the viewer.
  • ReadSVG: Fix reading layers of SVG files
  • Fix many G'MIC plugins. Changes are not backward compatible and existing graphs may need to be reworked. Note that G'MIC plugins are still beta.
  • LensDistortion: fix loading PFBarrel files
  • Label parameters now use both columns in the parameters panel.

Natron 2.3.12:

  • Fix default value for file premult in ReadSVG (should be premultiplied).
  • HSV values in the viewer info lines are now computed from linear RGB
  • RGBToHSV, HSVToRGB, RGBToHSL, HSLToRGB, RGBToHSI, HSIToRGB: Use linear RGB values in computation
  • Tracker: fix bug where Transform tracking was wrong when using more than 1 point

Natron 2.3.11:

  • User Guide: Add documentation on tracking and stabilizing.
  • FrameBlend: Add Over operation, add decay parameter, and fix bugs.
  • Fix Python Pseudo-random number generators random(min,max,time,seed) and randomInt(min,max,time,seed)
  • Shadertoy: Document the process to adapt a shader from to the Shadertoy plugin.
  • Support FFmpeg 4.0 in the ReadFFmpeg and WriteFFmpeg plugins.

Natron 2.3.10:

  • Add "Overwrite" checkbox to writers to avoid re-rendering the whole sequence
  • Writers do not render the whole RoD on their input anymore (this may result in a huge speed improvement on some projects)
  • Fix bug where effects could be marked as pass-through if their RoD was larger than the project format
  • Add python method setCanAutoFoldDimensions(enable) to Double2DParam and Double3DParam
  • Fix several plugins when included in a PyPlug: ColorSuppress, HSVTool, ImageStatistics, Ramp, Shuffle, Reformat
  • Fix Matrix3x3 and Matrix5x5 GUI (y was reversed).

Natron 2.3.9:

  • Numerical text fields (aka SpinBoxes) are now auto-reselected when validated.
  • When a node is selected, make its inputs/outputs more visible.
  • Node shape is now thinner in the node graph.
  • In the node graph, the cursor now really reflects what a mouse click would do.
  • All nodes inside a backdrop can be enabled/disabled using the "D" key.
  • Fix the "." shortcut for creating a Dot in the nodegraph on non-French keyboards.
  • Only auto-connect a newly-created node to the input of the selected node if it cannot have an input itself.
  • Made more clear what the "LUT" tab in the project settings.
  • Better "hide all parameters without modifications" behaviour
  • Only the keypad number keys should be used to nudge Bezier/tracker, regular number keys switch the viewer

Natron 2.3.8:

  • Fix crash when Viewer/maxNodeUiOpened=1 in the preferences
  • Fix bug where an exported PyPlug would not have a correct Python syntax if a string had a backslash followed by newline (as may be seen in Shadertoy sources).
  • Fix behaviour of loop/bounce in the Read node when there is a time offset.
  • G'MIC plugins by Tobias Fleischer are now bundled with the binary distributions (beta).
  • Fix bug where the "&" character was not displayed in the plugin creation menus.

Natron 2.3.7:

  • The viewer timeline can now display information as timecode instead of frames (see TC/TF choice next to fps below the timeline)
  • Disabled Merge nodes (and other nodes with input A and B) now always pass-thru the B input. Preferences should never affect the render results.
  • Shuffle now passes through B by default, and has a new toggle parameter "setGBAFromR" to disable automatically setting G B and A from R.
  • Grade: Add "Reverse" option to apply the inverse function. Usage: clone or copy-paste a Grade node, insert it downstream of the original node, and check "Reverse" in the downstream Grade.
  • Fix RunScript (the bugs were in ReadOIIO and Natron), and better document it.
  • GIF format is now read and written by ReadFFmpeg (most GIFs these days are animated).

Natron 2.3.6:

  • - fix bug when using PyPlugs containing Shadertoy (and possibly other plugins too)
  • - fix bug when creating a group from a plugin with invisible inputs (e.g. Shadertoy)
  • - fix bug where Natron would crash when the "clear all panels" button is pressed
  • - fix bug where Roto and RotoPaint lifetime would change randomly
  • - ReadOIIO/ReadPNG: "Image Info..." gives a more explicit message, containing the filename and more info.
  • - fix bug in all OCIO plugins where GPU render is wrong if (un)premult is checked (disable GPU render in this case)

Natron 2.3.5

  • - ReadOIIO: fix a bug where the Read nodes are not properly restored when timeOffset is used
  • - ReadOIIO: add options for reading RAW files: rawUserSat, rawHighlightMode, rawHighlightRebuildLevel
  • - DenoiseSharpen: fix a bug where the plugin would not abort processing when required.
  • - ColorCorrect: fix luminance computation when applying saturation
  • - Reformat: add a checkbox to use the input RoD instead of the input format (useful when preceded by a crop)
  • - ContactSheet/LayerContactSheet: correctly set the format when the output size is changed

Natron 2.3.4:

  • Grade: add a "Normalize" button to automatically compute the clack and white points.
  • Matrix3x3, Matrix5x5: new plugins, apply a 3x3 or 5x5 custom filter.
  • ColorCorrect: Fix wrong render for input values outside the [0-1] range
  • ReadOIIO: Adjust Maximum Thr. (used when reading RAW camera files) should defaut to 0.0


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