Natron 2.3.3 release notes. 10-bit DNxHR 444 and DNxHR HQX now supported

qbap - Sunday, 12 November 2017

The new version of Natron 2.3.3 was released. In the release notes, we can find information about fix loading third-party plugins on Linux and fix computation of remaining time when rendering. Other changes have been added to plugins.

Natron is a free software to create and edit video using composition nodes. The editor offers more than 100 tools to generate special effects, edit colors and more. The application is fully compatible with libraries OpenFX and gives us access to a broad base of professional effects. Among the nodes offered by Natron we find the functions responsible for removing greenscreen, edit masks, tracking of moving objects blur effects creation, modification saturation, advanced color grading, and much more.

In Natron 2.3.3 changelog we can read about new parameter "Master Curve Mode", which enables selecting different algorithms to apply the tone curve with more or less color shifting in ColorLookup. These curve modes are inspired by RawTherapee. Also, add the possibility to compute and display the RGB histogram of the source input. WriteFFmpeg now supports 10-bit DNxHR 444 and DNxHR HQX. To avoid computing areas outside of the project frame LensDistortion offers now cropToFormat parameter.

Shadertoy edited many presets so that they work better with Natron, especially the effects in the Blur, Effect, and Source categories. Most blur effects can also be modulated per-pixel using the "Modulate" input to get Z-dependent blur. There are also new presets: Blur/Bokeh Disc, Blur/Mipmap Blur, Effect/Anaglyphic, Effect/Bloom Paint, Effect/Sawnbringer 4bit, Effect/Sharpen, Effect/CRT, Effect/Fisheye, Effect/Image Cel Shade, Effect/Kaleidoscope, Effect/Noisy Mirror, Effect/Quad Mirror, Effect/Q*Bert-ify, Effect/Stripes, Effect/Vignette, Source/Cloud, Source/Cloudy Sky, Source/Disks, Source/Fireball, Source/Flash, Source/Seascape, Source/Star Nest, Source/Vorono.


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