GoPro Karma 2.0 Review. Karma drone speed, distance, flight time, signal strength

qbap - Monday, 23 July 2018

GoPro Karma version 2 is a great drone allowing you to capture amazing smooth shots from air. It works with GoPro Hero 4, GoPro Hero 5, and GoPro Hero 6. Check our GoPro Karma Review, the 2nd generation of GoPro drone.

GoPro Karma Tech Specs

Let's start with the specification of Karma GoPro drone. The platform operates on 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi frequency. The maximum flight altitude mentioned in specification is 10,500ft (3,200m) and flight distance up to 9,840ft (3,000m) for perfect weather conditions. You need to disable flight limits on the Karma controller to extend the distance possibilities. In real life you can flight about 990,00ft (300m) up from the Karma controller before it will lose the GPS signal. Max distance that you can flight is about 9842,52ft (1000m) with real time image. If you reach the distance of 550m the GoPro Karma drone will be almost not visible on the sky, and flying further is insane. The total weight of the drone is about 1.6kg, this include the battery, camera, etc. Length: 12in (303mm), Width: 16.2in (411mm), Height: 4.6in (117mm). The maximum flight speed 35 mph (56 kmh) can be accessed in Sport Mode, and the default flight mode allows you to shoot smooth video.

GoPro Karma Controller

The controller that comes with GoPro Karma is awesome. It offers 5in (12.7cm) screen display working in 720p resolution. It operates on 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi frequency, and it can work up to 4 hours on one battery charge. GoPro Karma Controller is like a small game device (22oz (625g)) where you can control your drone and see in real time the view from GoPro Hero camera. The touch screen allows you to select available options including screen resolutions, flight modes, and more. There is also a simple button to start the drone, and the 2nd button to return the drone to loading place. To boot the GoPro Karma Controller device you need about 35-40 seconds.

GoPro Karma Battery

Karma Battery weight is exactly 19.3oz (545g). The flight time mentioned in specification says that you can fly up to 20 minutes, but the reality is bit different. You can enjoy the flight for about 15-16 minutes. 4 minutes before the end Karma will inform you to return to loading place. Time to charge the battery using Karma Charger takes 60 minutes. This is something that we can work with. When you will fly GoPro Karma drone the time will definitely go fast, and it is always a good idea to buy 2nd battery. Moreover, you can also use the battery to charge your gear like any USB device, GoPro Hero, GoPro Karma Controller etc.

GoPro Karma flight modes

Auto Shot Paths are automatic maneuvers that help the user with moves that are difficult to complete manually. There are six shot paths available Follow, Watch, Dronie, Cable Cam, Reveal, and Orbit. For all moves a GPS connection is required. If GPS is lost during an Auto Shot Path, the move is cancelled automatically. In Follow mode Karma uses GPS to automatically frame and follow your controller. Watch frames your controller, rotating and tilting the camera while hovering in place. Dronie will take selfies by zooming out from your perspective. With Cable Cam, the Karma Drone automatically flies up to 10 waypoints. Reveal will fly straight ahead while tilting the camera up to the horizon, and Orbit will fly in a perfect circle while keeping the subject centered in your frame.

GoPro Karma footage

If you are wondering what you can do using GoPro Karma check our test footage of GoPro Karma Drone flight in Augustów city Poland in 2018. We visited Augustów, Dolina Rospudy, Jaśki, Puszcza Augustowska, Necko Lake, and White Lake. Shot using: GoPro Hero 6, Black ISO: 100-400, Shutter speed: Auto, Maximum Flight Altitude: 250m, Maximum Flight Distance: 700m.

GoPro Karma summary

The GoPro Karma suite offers a very good video quality thanks to the GoPro 6 Black camera and the possibility to use a drone, gimbal with a camera or the camera itself, depending on user needs. After buying an additional battery and packing into the backpack with dimensions of 54x32x14 cm the weight is about 5 kg, which is below the standard for hand luggage, and there is no question of the comfort of sightseeing when you wear it on your back. The moves of the drone are simple and the actual battery life does not exceed 16 minutes. The other advantage of the GoPro Karma drone is an option to display flight zones (eg larger cities).


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