Blender 2.8 Features. The future with Workspaces, Grease Pencil, and Eevee

qbap - Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The next big Blender 2.8 release is expected later this year. The Blender Foundation is working on Blender 2.8x with heavy development status. At this point the software is unstable and can harm your saved data. Let's check Blender 2.8 features list.

Blender is the number one open-source 3D modeling, video post-production, creating visualization and animation in 3D / 2D tool for Desktop platform. The application offers professional tools, like those available in paid solutions available on market. Blender main features include options to generate photorealistic visualizations using an embedded engine Cycles, create 3D models with built-in tools, use keyboard shortcuts, support for N-Gon and Python scripts or tool to create realistic materials. Blender also offers a range of features to create animations and virtual sculpting using a variety of tools including brushes.

Blender 2.8 Features

Blender's viewport was lagging behind the rest of the application. From version 2.8 Blender brings the minimum OpenGL 3.3, with even newer features for compatible hardware. The new OpenGL technology is used for Blender’s new real-time render engine Eevee.

Eevee is a fully-featured PBR (physically based-rendering) engine for real-time visualization. It offers advanced features like volumetrics, soft shadows, screen-space reflections and refractions, post-processing effects such as depth of field, ambient occlusion, camera motion blur and bloom. More features will be implemented soon. The Blender Foundation is mentioning subsurface scattering, object motion blur and contact shadows. Moreover, Asset Management feature is coming to the 2.8x series.

Blender can also be used to create 2D drawings and animation. With Blender's 2.8 2D drawing capabilities have been greatly improved. The new Grease Pencil focus is to create a more friendly interface for the 2D artist, while keeping the advantages of having a full 3D suite underneath. Grease Pencil is now a real Blender object with huge improvements to brushes and tools. Blender 2.8 introduces a new concept to organize your scene with Collections and View Layers. There is no limit of 20 layers per scene. Workspaces will allow users to build up working environment for a specific task. For example there could be workspaces for modeling, sculpting, animation or motion tracking.

You can download Blender 2.8 from official servers. Please note on Blender 2.8 builds. Currently The Blender Foundation is aware of many issues in 2.8 and actively working to fix them. At this point the Blender 2.8 is unstable and can harm your saved data. Don't use it as working environment.


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