Black Bird Cleaner vs CCleaner - unnecessary files and registry cleaning test

qbap - Saturday, 7 October 2017

Black Bird Cleaner is a new app with a function to clean and optimize PC. We will compare it to one of the best software to delete unnecessary files - CCleaner. Let’s see the fight: Black Bird Cleaner vs CCleaner. We will compare option to clean files and system registry.

CCleaner is one of the most popular optimization tools for the desktop. This software allows you to clear cache, history, and cookies in most popular Web browsers, and data from Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files, Log files, Clipboard, DNS Cache, Error Reporting, Memory Dumps, Jump Lists. CCleaner can recognize files created by Windows Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Chromium and much more.

Top features in Black Bird Cleaner include an option to clean trash, cache and temporary files and cookies in more than 50 browsers, find temporary files and log files on Windows, remove memory dumps, clean thumbnails cache, fonts cache, and icons cache. It can also clean Chkdsk File Fragments, recent documents, Windows error alerts, clean files on an old operating system, Windows search cache and GPU cache directories. Black Bird Cleaner is available for download in Windows version only.

Let's check the space on disk each application use. The Black Bird Cleaner installation uses 1.78 MB of HDD space, and CCleaner takes about 11 MB. Black Bird Cleaner doesn't include an option to clean system registry, but there is a free tool from the developer - Black Bird Registry Cleaner (1.58 MB) that can do the job. We will use it to compare CCleaner vs Black Bird Registry Cleaner.

Using the default settings in Cleaner mode Black Bird Cleaner found 536 Files and removed 328.6 MB of unnecessary data from the hard drive. When we run CCleaner it found additional 22.5 MB of data that could be removed. When we run CCleaner Registry Cleaner it found 345 registry entries that can be removed. Black Bird Registry Cleaner after scanning the system registry displayed 374 entries. This is a better result than in CCleaner obviously.

When it goes about the speed CCleaner is working like Robert Kubica in Formula One. The scanning speed is extremely fast, and deleting files works smoothly. Black Bird Cleaner in Free version is simple but the speed is not so impressive. You can definitely fell that is much slower when you run CCleaner to compare. Black Bird Cleaner is a new tool on the market and in the feature, we see that this software could be a great CCleaner replacement.

If you like to know more about the softwares please use the link below to software description. You can read there about available features and download the software for free. Let us know what do you think about those apps and what is your experience.