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General information

  • Category: Web browsers
  • Version: 69.0.829.82
  • Last update: Oct 12, 2018
  • OS: Windows
  • License: freeware

What is Avast Secure Browser?

Avast Secure Browser is a new web browser from Avast focused on privacy. It is packed with many SafeZone Browser features, plus now it includes a collection of tools and features which enable users to understand and manage online activity and safety.


Basically, Secure Browser works exactly like standard web browser, the difference is that Avast created more secure solutions for web experience. Avast Secure Browser features a Security and Privacy Center available via Avast logo on the menu toolbar.

The new option is a console of tools, and settings which allow users to manage online activity. From Avast Security and Privacy Center you can select which tools to use and decide how you want to configure Avast Secure Browser for your safety and privacy. You can access 14 tools in vast Secure Browser.

Avast Secure Browser screenshot

Avast Secure Browser is packed with lot of options including Password Manager that allows you to use a password manage that stores your passwords in one location while you only have to remember the master password.

Video Downloader, that allows you to download video and audio from favorites websites or Avast Bank mode offering a virtual desktop that acts as a safe and clean PC within your real PC (this feature require Avast Free Antivirus to be installed).

Avast as a Antivirus software developer included in Avast Secure Browser some useful security tools like the Anti-Tracking feature, HTTPS Encryption, Stealth Mode, Anti-Phishing, AdBlock, and trial version of Virtual Private Network – Avast SecureLine VPN. Don't hesitate and Avast Secure Browser download today. Install the browser and take care of your privacy using free Secure Browser. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 are supported by Avast Secure Browser.

Avast Secure Browser features

Avast Antivirus – block viruses and ransomware
Bank Mode – securely shop and bank online
Avast SecureLine VPN – secure your connection and disguise your location
Anti-Fingerprinting – disguise browser fingerprint to limit online tracking
Adblock – block ads for faster and safer browsing
Anti-Phishing – block dangerous websites and downloads
Anti-Tracking – block intrusive web trackers to
Stealth Mode – private browsing without leaving trucks
Flash Protect – blocks Flash-based content from running on your PC
HTTPS Encryption – Avast Secure Browser ensures you use HTTPS connection if supported
Password Manager – securely stores your passwords in one location
Extension Guard – prevents untrusted extensions to be installed in Avast Secure Browser
Privacy Cleaner – clears your browsing history, cookies, cached images etc.
Video Downloader - download video and audio content from your favorite sites

Avast Secure Browser Q&A

How to remove Avast Secure Browser?

To remove Avast Secure Browser from your system, use a tool provided by Avast. Download Avast Secure Browser removal tool that will help you to successfully uninstall Avast Secure Browser form your Windows.

Avast Secure Browser will not uninstall?

If the standard method available in Windows will not succeed to uninstall Avast Secure Browser please use a free tool Avast Secure Browser removal tool to uninstall Avast Secure Browser in quick and easy way.

How to install Avast Secure Browser?

You can install Avast Secure Browser when you download any Avast Antivirus product. Avast SafeZone Browser user will receive an automatic update. The better way to install Avast Secure Browser is to download it from our software hub.

How to turn off Avast Secure Browser?

To turn off Avast Secure Browser, or deactivate Avast Secure Browser you need to uninstall the browsers using Avast tool from the answer above or change the default browser to your favorite one. Usually when you open Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome you will be asked to make it as default system browser.

How to update Avast SafeZone Browser?

Avast Secure Browser is a successor to Avast SafeZone Browser and includes a range of new security and privacy tools. If you like to continue using SafeZone Browser you need to update it to Avast Secure Browser.

Software review

kuba review
Avast Secure Browser Review

In my opinion Avast Secure Browser is a great browser with built-in useful tools taking care of our privacy in the Internet. Avast Secure Browser core is based on the newest stable version of Chromium Browser. I like that from Avast Security and Privacy Center we can access quickly all security features and enable or disable what we need. How good is Avast Secure Browser? Because Avast Secure Browser is based on Chromium it works fast and stable. The nice thing is that Avast Secure Browser offers integration with Avast Free Antivirus, and option to run file scan directly from the browser, or use the Bank Mode feature that requires Avast Antivirus to be installed. Avast Secure Browser download is available for Windows users only. Give it a try and install Avast Secure Browser for free.

Avast Secure Browser download

You can download Avast Secure Browser 69.0.829.82 for Windows .

Version history

New features and improvements added to the newest version of software are available in Avast Secure Browser changelog where you can find all highlights from the official release notes.

Avast Secure Browser 69.0.792.82

  • Updated: Core codebase to Chromium 69 This includes a refreshed UI
  • Updated: Geolocation API to use Avast’s own service
  • Updated: Reduced delay for updating extensions in Bank Mode
  • Updated: Default Doodle on New Tab page
  • Added: Support for importing notification preferences from Chrome
  • Fixed: Some instances where onboarding window was showing infinite loading animation on acceptance
  • Fixed: Onboarding window wasn’t recognising installed browsers
  • Fixed: Inspect views not showing in Extension Page
  • Fixed: Pre-installed extensions would remain enabled even if a user had disabled them
  • Fixed: When launching on logon,  sometimes two windows would open automatically
  • Fixed: Some cases of importing bookmarks hanging
  • Fixed: Some cases of browser crashing a few seconds after launching Bank Mode
  • Fixed: Browser alert dialog sizing bug
  • Fixed: Extension Guard popup design fixes

Avast Secure Browser Alternative

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