TrID download for Windows, and Linux.

General information

  • Category: Other tools
  • Version: 2.24
  • Last update: Oct 28, 2019
  • OS: Windows, Linux
  • License: freeware

What is TrID?

Identify file types from their binary signatures using free TrID software. While there are similar utilities with hardcoded logic, TrID has no fixed rules. Instead, it's extensible and can be trained to recognize new formats in a fast and automatic way. Download TrID for Windows.

TrID has many uses: identify what kind of file was sent to you via e-mail, aid in forensic analysis, support in file recovery, etc. The software uses a database of definitions which describe recurring patterns for supported file types. As frequent updates, the database is available as a separate package.

The database of definitions is constantly expanding. Use the program to recognize unknown file types and develop new definitions that can be added to the library. Check the TrIDScan app for information about how you can help. Just run the TrIDScan module against a number of files of a given type.

Because TrID uses an expandable database it will never be out of date. As new file types become available you can run the scan module against them and help keep the program up to date. Other people around the world will be doing the same thing making the database a dynamic and living thing.

Add special file formats that only you use to your local database, making their identification easier. The current library of definitions is over 11k file types and growing fast. Run TrID and point it to the file to be analyzed. The file will be read and compared with the definitions in the database.