Speccy download for Windows.

General information

What is Speccy?

Speccy is an application that displays various information about operating system and individual components installed in your computer. See a quick summary, or dive deeper into every aspect of your PCs hardware so you can make informed upgrade and purchasing decisions.

The tool provides detailed information on operating system, CPU (name, family, cache, current operating frequency, number of cores, supported instructions, support for virtualization, etc.) RAM in each slot (manufacturer, type, size, frequency), motherboard (manufacturer, BIOS version, chipset, etc.), video and sound card, monitor, hard disk drives and optical drives.

Screenshot of Speccy software running on Windows 10.

Additionally, with the individual components, you can display information provided by sensors measure the temperature. See real-time temperatures of critical components so you can easily spot problems before they occur. With it, you can easily determine whether there are problems with components such as the CPU or hard disk.

Generated results can be saved into a text file in XML format or exported to the so-called snapshot. If needed you can load them later to any computer with Speccy installed on the system. Handy for making sure your new computer has the right specs, or if tech support needs to diagnose an issue with your computer.