Polyglot 3000

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General information

  • Category: Other tools
  • Version: 3.79
  • Last update: Dec 30, 2017
  • OS: Windows
  • License: freeware

What is Polyglot 3000?

Polyglot 3000 is a free software designed to automatically recognize the language of any text, phrase or even single words. The program offers support for more than 470 languages and dialects. It's available for free and it is really easy to use.

The application can analyze both single words, as well as entire documents. Text input can be encoded in Unicode or ANSI. To start simply load a document or enter text that we would like to identify, and then click on the text recognition button. Polyglot 3000 supports languages including Abkhaz, Achehnese, Acholi, Achuar Shiwiar, Adja, Afar, Afrikaans, Aguaruna, Akan, Akuapem Twi, Albanian, Alemannic, Alsatian, Amahuaca, Amarakaeri, Asturian, ATESO, Aukan, Avar, Aymara , Azeri Cyrillic and more.