HP 3D Scan

HP 3D Scan download for Windows.

General information

What is HP 3D Scan?

HP 3D Scan is a free application designed for 3D scanning of objects and surfaces using a standard video camera (e.g. webcam), a line laser and a 90° corner as background. Scan objects in stereo vision to produce 3D models with HP 3D Scan.

To start you need to prepare a special background for webcam plus a laser or you can use a video projector instead of a laser thanks to Structured Light Scanning technology. HP 3D Scan features option to capture the physical attributes of an object and identify noise to deliver precise, high-res 3D models, automatically align and merge multiple scans to create a 360 watertight 3D model and produce quality scans for objects with reflective surfaces using proprietary structured light technology.

In order to create an all-around scan of a selected object, you need simply create single scans from different directions. HP 3D Scan software is able to align and fuse the scans to a textured 360-degree-model. Of course, the most comfortable way is using our TT-1 turntable, plus manually you can add scan views from the top or bottom side. You can export surface data to the well-known file formats like OBJ, STL, and PLY. Those formats can be easily imported into 3rd-party software for further processing.