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General information

  • Category: Graphic utilities
  • Version: 2.5
  • Last update: Sep 19, 2017
  • OS: Windows
  • License: freeware

What is BPGconv?

BPGconv is a free application designed to convert PNG and JPG files to BPG (Better Portable Graphics). Using the app you can also decode BPG files and export them to JPG or PNG formats.

BPG (Better Portable Graphics) is a file format developed by Fabrice Bellard. The library is based on HEVC codec that allows you to achieve much higher compression ratios than usuing JPG format. Comparing the quality and size of the same graphic files saved using both methods of data compression, it turns out that the results obtained by the format BPG are up to 70% better (the same quality and much smaller file size) than in the case of using JPG format.

Screenshot of BPGconv software running on Windows 10.

BPGconv allows you to change plenty parameters associated with file compression and decoding process. You can define the level of compression, change chroma format, color space, leaving the effect of transparency, set prefixes and suffixów for files like. In addition, the application displays a range of useful information about the uploaded files. You can instantly check the size, path and file name, status, data compression, etc.

Currently, Better Portable Graphics format is not supported by the leading web browsers. However, nothing stands in the way to use BPG graphics on Web. You need to use a free decoding JavaScript that opens BPG files on the fly.