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General information

What is ALLBenchmark Catzilla?

ALLBenchmark Catzilla 4K is a free benchmark designed to test graphics, processor and memory performance with the ability to compare performance to other computer configurations. Download Catzilla for Windows.

6 tests check the performance of the graphics card during the simulation arithmetic, liquid and shaders as well as in terms of CPU physics calculations. ALLBenchmark Catzilla 4K also checks whether the system is installed the latest drivers and can prompt which components should be replaced to improve computer performance. The test results can publish online and compare with the best achievements of users worldwide.

Screenshot of ALLBenchmark Catzilla software running on Windows 10.

The free version of ALLBenchmark Catzilla 4K enables to test in two modes settings. KITTY (1024x576) designed for netbooks and ultrabooks and CAT (1280x720) dedicated to testing desktop-class. Other modes with higher resolution settings are available in paid versions of the benchmark.

In program settings user can decide, using what technology (OpenGL or DirextX) is to be carried out test to decide about the use of multi-threading CPU, turn off the audio, select the resolution testing and so on.

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