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AI Image Enlarger download for Windows, Mac.

General information

What is AI Image Enlarger?

AI Image Enlarger is a very handy tool to restore details and enlarge small images without losing quality. It allows to easily and without complicated configurations upscale and enhance small and LD images.

The software is powered by AI technology and pioneer SRCNN structure. AI Image Enlarger is available for Windows and Mac and it requires an Internet connection to work. Scale images as small as 300×169px up to 400% (1200×676px) with really good results. Select image style, ratio scale, and submit.

AI Image Enlarger Example

SRCNN (Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network) structure is an end-to-end trainable network. This network acquires training data as much as possible for its machine and deep learning. The quantity and quality of training data determines the performance and results.

AI Image Enlarger doesn't require complicated configuration or tunning the settings. Simply select image style (Artwork, Face, Photo, or High-Grade), new image ratio and allow the application to make the magic happen. AI system will analyze the scales and resolutions to prevent the loss of quality.

All images all submitted to developer servers and enlarged without losing quality. No registration required. After AI Image Enlarger will process the image a download link will be generated. All uploaded images will be removed every 2 hours. The developer provides also an online web tool to enlarge images.

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Software review

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AI Image Enlarger Review

AI Image Enlarger is a great software to upscale and restore details from low-resolution, small graphics. The algorithm responsible for scaling the images works fast and the final effect is amazing in most cases. Of course, you can't expect the app to produce high-quality images, but the produced image can be useful for web or print purposes. AI Image Enlarger can be used directly from a web browser or you can download the desktop app. The free plan allows to upscale up to 999 images monthly in max 1200x1200 resolution. Paid option (starting from $5.5 monthly) includes an unlimited number of images, resolution up to 2000x2000 pixels.