Lumberyard Beta 1.11 adds new Cloud Gems, Visual Scripting and Animation Tools

qbap - Sunday, 1 October 2017

Lumberyard Beta 1.11 is available for free download. The changelog is as always impressive. With over 412 improvements, fixes, and features, this release introduces two new tools to help game teams create high quality and complex gameplay with less engineering resources.

Additionally, Lumberyard Beta 1.11 adds new AWS integrations so game developers can add text-to-speech and speech recognition to their game experiences. Some highlights include:  EMotion FX Animation. Animators can create high-quality character animations in 10 minutes with little to no engineering chops, and use advanced functionality like blendtrees, state machines, blendspaces, and motion extraction.Script Canvas. Script Canvas enables non-engineers to author behaviors using drag and drop visual scripting while utilizing the same framework as Lua and C++. 

3 new Cloud Gems, giving developers the ability to easily capture in-game surveys from players, a text to speech gem that leverages Amazon Polly to generate lifelike speech, as well as a gem to build speech recognition and conversational gameplay experiences using Amazon Lex. Much more, including usability enhancements to the Entity Outliner and Asset Browser, a new toon shader for cartoon-like graphics, a new getting started guide and more.

For more information on this release, you can check the Lumberyard Beta 1.11 release notes. To get started with Amazon Lumberyard, please use the download link available below. The application is available for free download in a version for Windows only.


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