DisplayCAL Alternative

Set monitor colors with free color calibration software like DisplayCAL. Our top recommended alternatives to DisplayCAL include Calibrize and HCRF Colorimeter. The best free software to calibrate monitor.

DisplayCAL Alternative software
Small screenshot of Calibrize running on Windows. Calibrize from Colorjinn, is a DisplayCAL Alternative with freeware license. Calibrize is free Windows program that helps you to calibrate colors of any monitor in three simple steps. Just download Calibrize and follow the procedure displayed on the screen to generate a reliable color profile and adjust the colors of your monitor automatically.
Small screenshot of HCFR Colorimeter running on Windows. HCFR Colorimeter from HCFR Project, is a DisplayCAL Alternative with freeware license. HCFR Colorimeter is a free tool designed to calibrate colors displayed on monitors and projectors. The application works with specialized sensors for measuring colors. It can also emulate such devices. Download the software for Windows.